Identifying lichen species of the World

(Experimental subset of taxa from various regions of the world)

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Privacy Policy

LIAS light is a lively project with growing scientific information and data richness. It is maintained by an editorial team.

LIAS light data are available for interactive identification purposes using three kind of services described below: DiversityNaviKey Progressive Web App (PWA), NaviKey Java applet (no longer recommended) and offline use with NaviKey offline tool and DELTA files.



DiversityNaviKey (DNK) is a tool primarily designed for diagnosis and interactive identification of organisms or other items as well as item groups which are part of or related to biodiversity, geodiversity or environmental research (see About).

Current versions of the PWA give access to six data sources, among them LIAS light and LIAS metabolites (see here).

Start using the tool by opening in a browser on any user device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Select the appropriate data source (LIAS light, LIAS metabolites) and proceed as recommended.

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To run the applet, the most recent version of Java™ Runtime Environment needs to be downloaded and installed first. Mac OS X users may load Java for Mac OS X. For usage of the context menu, Java v. 6.0 or above is required. The address of this web site ( needs to be included in the list of allowed sites of the web browser's pop-up blocker settings. Detailed instructions are provided further below.

If the LIAS light database has been of some use in your work, please consider to cite it as recommended here. We also would appreciate your feedback.

An interactive key using

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The various query options are to be accessed via Options tab sheet. For further details, consult the hints How to use LIAS light NaviKey.

For definitions and explanations of terms used for characters and character states, consult the LIAS glossary.

Usage of the applet:

For offline usage of LIAS light data, download NaviKey and keep yourself updated with the most recent LIAS light data files. Unpack the data files and copy them into the local ../NaviKey_xxx/DeltaSampleData/ directory.

Creative Commons License
LIAS light by BSM, München, Germany is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. The "No Derivative Works" restriction applies only to contents but not to technical format transformation for usage in various applications.