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LIASlight ItemID: 9180

Pseudocyphellaria nermula D. J. Galloway

Characters[*]:Character States[*]:
global occurrence: Oceania – Australasia
substrate: bark, cork, plant surface – trunks, branches, twigs
life habit: lichenized (mutualistic with algal photobionts)
thallus: foliose (foliaceous), leaf-like
[th] upper surface: blue(ish) | grey(ish) blue | grey(ish) yellow
[th marginal and upper surface] specific structures: absent
[th] morphol substructures (eg areoles, lobes, branches) width [mm]: (low) 5.0 (high) 10.0 (max) 12.0
[th] morphol substructures (eg areoles, lobes, branches) upper surface: rugose, plicate, folded, pustulate, faveolate, wrinkled | maculate
[th] lower surface: yellow(ish) (if dull: buff)
[th lower surface] specific structures: present
[th lower surface] rhizines, rhizoid structures: absent
ascomata: absent
secondary metabolites: present
secondary metabolites: 1'-chloronephroarctin | 2α,3β-diacetoxystictane-22-ol | 2'-O-methylisopseudocyphellarin A | 2'-O-methylpseudocyphellarin A | 3β-acetoxystictane-2α,22-diol | calycin | isopseudocyphellarin A | nephroarctin | pseudocyphellarin A (3-hydroxy-4-methoxycarbonyl-2,5,6-trimethylphenyl 3-formyl-2,4-dihydroxy-5,6-dimethylbenzoate) | pulvinic acid | pulvinic dilactone | stictane-2α,3β,22α-triol | stictane-3β,22α-diol | 2α-acetoxystictane-3β,22α-diol
primary photobiont: present
secondary photobionts (eg in cephalodia): absent
primary photobiont: cyanobacterial

[*] Not all (synonymous, equivalent or similar) terms being provided in parallel for a character or character state (e.g. 'endosubstratal, inconspicuous, immersed') need to be valid for the taxon under concern.

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