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LIASlight ItemID: 5883

Staurothele rupifraga (A. Massal.) Arnold

Characters[*]:Character States[*]:
global occurrence: Eurasia – Europe | Americas – North America (incl Mexico) | Arctic
substrate: rock – calcareous, calciferous, basic | rock, stones, pebbles – unspecified
life habit: lichenized (mutualistic with algal photobionts)
thallus: crustose (crustaceous) – endosubstratal, inconspicuous, immersed
[th] upper surface: grey(ish) | brown(ish) grey | blue(ish) brown (violet brown)
[th marginal and upper surface] specific structures: absent
ascomata: absent | present
ascoma: perithecial, perithecioid – hymenial
ascoma [mm]: (min) 0.2 (low) 0.32 (high) 0.38 (max) 0.4
ascoma: immersed, innate
[ascm] paraphyses/-oids: absent
asci: fissitunicate – verrucarialean
[asc] tholus: thickened
[asc] tholus amyloidity (iodine reaction): absent
ascospores: (min) 2.0(median) 4.0 (max) 5.0
[asp] length [µm]: (min) 30.0 (low) 44.0(median) 49.5 (high) 55.5 (max) 62.0
[asp] width [µm]: (min) 18.0 (low) 20.0(median) 22.6 (high) 27.5 (max) 27.5
[asp] septa: present
[asp] septa: muriformly septate – muriform, submuriform
[asp] transversal septa: (median) 12.0
[asp] pigmentation: dark brown
secondary metabolites: absent
primary photobiont: present
secondary photobionts (eg in cephalodia): absent
primary photobiont: chlorophytaceous – trebouxiaceous, chlorococcoid

[*] Not all (synonymous, equivalent or similar) terms being provided in parallel for a character or character state (e.g. 'endosubstratal, inconspicuous, immersed') need to be valid for the taxon under concern.

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